Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Top 5 Social Networking Sites (That Are Not Facebook)

Okay, so you have the regular, well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace but what if you are looking for something a little different? Here are the top 5 social networking sites that I use (other than facebook)

5. myLot

myLot is a networking site where you can urn money from participating in discussions. You don't really make much money -so far I have made $0.04 but I haven't been as active as I could be. I only answer questions every now and then.

Basically you get paid a very small amount for doing things that you would usually do for free: participating in group discussions, answering questions etc. However, you can earn more money by completing small tasks, just simple things like "liking" a page on facebook or signing up to a newsletter. By completing these tasks you can earn more money.

4. AboveTopSecret

AboveTopSecret may not be everyones thing, but I love it. It is a forum where people share and discuss conspiracies and news. Some of the information on this site is amazing, I have learned a lot from visiting AboveTopSecret but of course, you do come across many theories that are just way to ridiculous to be true.

Occasionally you will come across a post from someone who is claiming that they are an extraterrestrial or something. Funny thing is, they always start their post with "Greetings Earthlings" -I am amazed by how these extraterrestrials are familiar with Marvin the Martian.

There are quite a lot of wacky theories on there, but there are also a lot of useful information about current events. If it wasn't for AboveTopSecret, I wouldn't know that the Fukushima crisis is getting worse, mainstream media doesn't talk about it anymore but that doesn't mean that it's all over. There seems to be a cover-up with Fukushima but you can find out what is really happening by checking on the AboveTopSecret website.

Be warned -People on this forum are highly intelligent and you don't want to get into a debate with anyone unless you really know your facts. They will crush you. Unless you really know what you are talking about and can back it up with facts, it is better to just stay back and be an observer.

3. GirlsAskGuys

This site is an awesome time waster. Not good when I am supposed to be working, but fantastic when I have time to burn. It is mainly filled with younger people (under 25) but there are a few mature people on there.

Basically you ask questions, mainly about the opposite sex and people answer them. You can earn points for participating and when you have enough points, you can trade them in for prizes. There are also polls, competitions and articles. I have become quite fond of the site and visit it regularly.

2. Care2

Care2 is an awesome site. I have mentioned it on this blog before. Its a charity site where you can earn points by commenting on articles, signing petitions, completing the daily action and various other ways. Once you have enough points which can build up quite quickly, you can use those points to do a number of charitable things life offset a pound of carbon, give a child a day of safe drinking water, raise a farm animal humanely or provide someone with a week of clean cooking. It is amazing how quickly you can earn points too.

One of the best things about Care2 is their "Click To Donate" program. You simply click on a banner and money earned through advertising goes towards charity. A simple click can sponsor a child for a day, save 7.4 sq feet of rainforest, support life saving research for breast cancer, help protect big cats habitat and much more. I think click to donate is an awesome idea because it means that people who can't afford to be charitable but want to, have a way of doing it.

1. Experience Project

What can I say about this site? It is by far the best networking site I have ever encountered and that includes faceboook. The idea is that you can remain anonymous and share your experiences with other users. It has groups, confessions, questions and answers, games, dream interpretations and challenges.

I joined a few years ago, and have visited the site almost daily since then. I have met some amazing people on this site, and also some questionable people. Due to the nature of the site, you do come across a few weirdos and because it is an anonymous site, peoples dark sides tend to come out. There are also a lot of wonderful people on the site and if you can deal with some of the stranger, darker sides of the site then you can learn a lot about human nature.

I strongly recommend Experience Project, but there are a few adult-based groups on there and if you want to explore those, you may need a strong stomach. Some groups I don't particularly agree with, but I believe in the freedom of speech so in my opinion they have every right to be there. I would recommend that people stick to the nicer groups (there are plenty of them) and the ones whose experiences you share, but by exploring some of the darker, more strange groups you can learn a lot about people and human nature. I am not sure if that is a good thing, but I guess awareness is always a good thing.

So those are my top 5 social networking sites. I love social networking sites and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and a link. I would love to go check it out.

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