Thursday, 16 February 2012

Top 5 Hottest Famous Fellas (In My Opinion)

Everyone has different tastes on who is hot and who is not. I am going to share with you who I think are the top 5 hottest famous spunks.

5. Brad Pitt

Geez, this guy is good looking. I have never met a person who didn't think so. Brad Pitt is a freak of nature, no one should be that good looking as far as I am concerned. I don't think an explanation is needed. He is on my list, and the only reason that he is at number 5 is because he is an obvious choice.

4. Josh Duhamel

This guy is the reason why I watched the movie "Win a date with Tad Hamilton" over 200 times. The movie wasn't particularly great, but I am quite happy to watch a crappy movie when there is a really hot guy in it. 

3. Gerard Butler

The movie "300" is clearly a chick flick. It may not be a romantic comedy but it's a chick flick. You can't have that many half-naked, hot-bodied men in a movie and say that is not a chick flick.
Guys seem to be a little intimidated when it comes to Gerard Butler. I have mentioned to guys how I love the movie "300" and they snap back at me "You know, that guy in it doesn't look like that in real life!" and I think to myself "Yeah I know, he looks much better!"

2. Sam Worthington

I just love Sam Worthington. First time I ever saw him was in the movie "Bootmen" I was hooked, and wanted to know where I could see more of him. This guy oozes Aussie charm. I love watching him in interviews because he comes across as a down to earth kinda guy. Now he is taking Hollywood by storm and I couldn't be more proud to call myself an Australian. This guy is hot, the way he talks is hot, everything about him is hot.

1. James Scott

Wow, just wow. This guy gets two pictures because he is so hot. Here is another one for your viewing pleasure:


I was amazed the first time I saw James Scott, who plays the evil EJ DiMera on "Days Of Our Lives" I think he is the best looking actor, another freak of nature. I actually only watch Days Of Our Lives because of him. The character he plays is a little bit of a psycho, but he is just so darn beautiful. His English accent is pretty darn hot too. James Scott was also on "All My Children" but that show has never been played in Australia, not too my knowledge anyway so I haven't had a chance to see it.

Funny thing is, I remember when the character "EJ DiMera" on Days Of Our Lives was born, it was somewhere around 10 years ago. Days Of Our Lives has a funny habit of making children or babies on the show, grow up into adults within a few years. I guess they run out of story lines for the older characters on the show, or they kill them all off and need new characters. Children on that show grow up super fast, but once they are adults, they seem to stay the same age forever.

I for one, am happy that they made the character EJ, grow up so fast. James Scott is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful men in the world and I am very pleased that Days Of Our Lives has brought him to my attention.

Well there you have it...

...My top 5 hottest famous fellas. I know there is not much variety there, they all look quite similar. I do have a particular type that I like, I can't help it. I see beauty in all types of guys, but the guys that I have listed here are my faves. I hope you have enjoyed the eye-candy.  

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