Monday, 23 April 2012

More Cool High Heels...

Cool probably isn't the word for some of these. I probably should have gone with the word "unusual."

Computer Chip Heels

Not the prettiest heels, but they might capture the attention of the cute nerdy guy you've had your eye on.

Gum Stuck To The Bottom Of Your Shoe Heels

I want these. In a way, they're gross. Gum on the bottom of your shoe is not a good look but in this case it works.

The Must Be Very Hard To Balance In Heels

If you are going to wear these on a night out, I would avoid drinking or you could end up breaking an ankle.

The Even Harder To Balance In Heels

Good Lord! These Heels are reserved for ballerinas with very long feet only. 

The Springy Heels

These look like fun! They look like they could give you an extra spring in your step.

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