Thursday, 16 February 2012

10 Of The Coolest Heels I Have Ever Seen

Like most women, I love shoes. Not as much as some chicks I know, but I still love to look at them. Here are some of the coolest ones I have ever seen:

10. Banana Heels
I don't know if I would call these cool, but they are definitely unusual. I wouldn't wear them, but I would like to have them anyway.

9. Chair Heels

They aren't very pretty, but they are practical. How many times have you been out and looked around for a chair because your feet hurt so much? Well now you have in-built chairs for your heels. I am not sure if they will do any good though.

8. Playground Heels

These look like so much fun! I love them. I would seriously wear these.

7. Origami Heels

Interesting... I don't know if I would wear them because they look kinda scary in a very colourful way of course. I would be worried about spiking someone somehow. Anyways they are still quite interesting and nice to look at.

6. Cat Heels

These are adorable. I love cats and I love heels, why wouldn't I love these?

5. Guitar Heels

These are awesome. I would love a pair. Not sure about the colours though. I like the purple, but I wouldn't mind seeing a touch of black in there and a little less pink, yellow and green.

4. Glass Heels

Nearly every girl dreams of being Cinderella and having glass slippers like hers. Glass just looks so pretty. I wish I could actually wear these without the fear of having them shatter and slice my feet up.

3. Nike Tiffany-Diamond Heels

Ever woman has seen a pair of Nike Heels. These ones in particular are probably the best ones I have ever seen and they are my favorite colour. I have never worn a pair of Nike heels, but I wonder if they are more comfortable than regular heels.

2. Flipper Heels

I can't decide if these heels are the most innovative heels that I have ever seen, or the most ridiculous heels I have ever seen. Either way, I want a pair. Great for a day on the yacht, if you fall off and the yacht sails away, at least you have a chance to catch up to it with these flipper heels.

1. Rubber Duck Heels

Who doesn't want a pair of these? I have wanted a pair of heels like this forever. Ever since I saw the Simpsons episode where Marge is looking for a franchise to invest in and she talks to Disco Stu, who puts his feet up on the table and he is wearing a pair of platforms with goldfish inside. Marge says to Disco Stu "I think your fish are dead" and Disco Stu replies with "I know, I don't know how to get them out." I think these shoes are the coolest shoes and one day I will get myself a pair.

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