Thursday, 16 February 2012

When Body Builders Take Things Too Far

Although I do appreciate a muscular physique, I am not the biggest fan of body-builders. However I do admire their dedication to body-sculpting, provided that they don't use steroids which many do. Here are some pictures of body builders who have taken things a little too far.

This guys legs are ridiculous. His knees look tiny compared to the rest of his legs. His veins look like they are about to burst too. This man looks dehydrated. Quick! Someone bring him a glass of water!

Okay, this guy looks a little healthier. His knees are still tiny though. I wonder how these people go with their knees carrying all that extra weight?

This guy has the biggest boobs I have ever seen. Seriously. They are pushing up against his chin. That can't be comfortable. Why is he wearing boots? and what is going on in his tiny little pants? Something doesn't look right to me.

I would not want to bump into this guy in a dark alley. Mind you, I could probably run away quite easily because he looks like he is about to topple over. Those tiny little legs and butt probably couldn't support the weight of his own neck, and I imagine he would have trouble running without falling over.

I am not sure which guy has the biggest boobs, either this guy or the second guy I mentioned. Breathing looks like a very uncomfortable exercise when your a body builder.

Okay this guy has tiny boobs compared to the others, but his muscles are growing into his head. You can't see his legs very well, but I am sure that this man would have trouble walking.It looks like he has two sets of pectoral muscles. I am starting to wonder if this picture is real or if it's photoshopped. His tummy looks a little strange.

It's actually not fair that I make fun of these guys. They could have a serious body dysmorphic disorder. Muscles this big must be uncomfortable and painful. I can't imagine what it would be like to try and walk with muscles this big. They must have a huge impact on these peoples quality of life.

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