Monday, 20 February 2012

Why It Is Important To Always Take A Spare Pair Of Underwear With You

From now on, I will be taking a spare pair of underwear with me when I go out for a night out on the town. Why? Because that night out on the town could turn into a spontaneous trip to the country where you have no way of getting back.

It's just happened to me. I literally got back just over an hour ago.

It started out with a good friend messaging me to come to the pub to celebrate another friends birthday. I assumed that this pub would be located in the city where I live. As you do. Well I get ready for a night out and head off to my girlfriends house. When I finally got there, I realized that the pub that we were heading to is located in a country town. I hadn't packed anything, but I thought to myself "Well it's only one night, I can go without if it's just one night"

Well the night was good but it wasn't without it's dramas. You get that when your drinking with a bunch of people who are comfortable enough to say what they are really thinking. It's refreshing, but it can get crazy sometimes.

Well one night turned into two and I was starting to think that it was going to turn into three. The car that we drove up in, broke down while we were there and there was no way that we were going to be able to drive it home. Lucky I was able to get a lift back today, but I was really starting to think that I was going to be stranded.

Long story (very long story) short, I am finally home. A two hour drive back into the city and then another two hour bus ride back to my home. I really wish I wore more comfortable shoes.

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