Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Have Joined The iPhone Club

Actually, the iPod club but I still feel like a iPhone user now.

I bought myself an iPod touch. After years of resisting the whole iPod/iPhone/iPad trend, I have given in and have finally joined the club. I couldn't afford to buy the iPhone outright, and want to avoid getting locked into a two-year contract so I bought the much cheaper iPod Touch instead. The only difference is that I can't use it as a phone, unless I am in a wifi hotspot and use skype.

Now I understand what everyone is going on about. I absolutely lurrrrve my iPod. After a month of having it, I now don't know what I will do without it. I have been so protective of it and scared that it will break. I keep it in a hardened leather pouch and if I am going somewhere where I am afraid that it may get lost or stolen, I wont bring it along. It's too important.

Funny thing is, I don't use my iPod for what it was originally intended for -storing music. I have a few tracks on there, music that I created myself so I can share it if people are interested in hearing my work but other than that, I don't have any music on there.

I don't use it as an mp3 player but I use it for everything else. I have even designed websites from it. Before my iPod, I never knew what all the hype was about. Now I understand.

Before my iPod, I used an Android tablet which was great... Until I got my iPod. I have nothing against the Android operating system, it's fantastic but the actual tablet device was cheap and I had issues with the touch screen. I was amazed by how sensitive the iPod touch screen was, and how easy it was to type on it, even though it is 1/4 the size of my Android tablet.


Yes, that is a picture of myself, taken from my iPod. I have never liked being in front of the camera and have always avoided having pictures taken (unless I have had a few drinks, of course) but if anyone had a look through my iPod, they would think I was a narcissist. It is full of self-portraits and dodgy bathroom mirror pictures where I am dressed up and looking glamorous, but there is a toilet in the background and a wet towel on the floor.

I am very pleased with my purchase. The only thing that I have ever bought that has been more life-changing was my laptop. It's amazing how material objects can change your life, if it wasn't for my laptop, I would have never started working online. Now with my iPod, I can continue working while I am away from my laptop. I just love it.

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