Tuesday, 14 October 2014

18 Yahoo Question And Answers That Will Make You Question Humanity

Ok, so some of these aren't too bad, they're actually quite clever whereas others might make you feel quite concerned for the future of humanity. Either way, they are hilarious.

1. Not Everything Is Smokable

2. Never Trust A Fart

3. This Is A Joke, Right?

4. Crap Or Cramp? He's Got More To Worry About Than His Grammar

5. Are You Insane?

6. I Think You're Safe

7. This Is Adorable, But Someone Should Tell Her

8. No One Knows Or Cares

9. Food Doesn't Go In That Hole

10. It's Because You're Ugly

11. We've All Thought This


13. You Know Very Well...

*To be honest, I didn't understand this question or answer at first. I had never heard anyone call another "Monica" unless that was the other persons name. I figured that it must be slang and I had to repeat it out loud in a sentence, quite a few times, before realising that my neighbours could probably hear me and that I should keep my voice down. As someone who is putting together a post that is essentially making fun of these people, I realise that there are times where I am one of these people and that I shouldn't feel so smug.

14. Trout Sounds Like A Lovely Name For A Girl

15. It's Not A Good Sign

16. It's Rob

17. That's The Last Thing He Needs

18. It's Not The Moon

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