Monday, 29 August 2011

Hellen HighHeels...

...Or HellOn HighHeels. I guess that's for you to decide.

Actually, I'm not so bad. Just a little lost, that's all. A little misguided, a little mistreated... A little miss mess.

Being in my mid to late 20's, I am guessing that I should have it all figured out by now. 10 years ago, if you had asked me where I would be (in 10 years) I would have told you: "Great career, great home, great husband, great kids, great life..." And how many of these things do I have? None. Well, I don't hate my life, but it's far from great.

Truth is I'm still single, in debt, work in a dead-end job, catch the bus to my dead-end job as I don't have a car and here is the kicker... I live with my mother. Yes, that's right. I'm living the dream. (/sarcasm)

I am trying though, trying to start my own business, trying to meet that special someone, trying to get out of debt, trying to get out of the rut that I am in. I should be trying to get a place of my own, but times are tough and I really have other shit to sort out before I can even think about getting a place of my own.

Well, I was hoping to add a lot more to this post but now I have to catch the bus to my dead-end job. I really don't want to go as I am tired but at least there is a never-ending supply of good coffee at my workplace. It's a dead-end job, but it does have it's perks.

Rightio then, off I go.

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