Friday, 2 September 2011

Charity On A Budget

We would all like to be charitable, but lets face it, many people are financially struggling in this day and age. Many people are on the verge of needing charity themselves and can't afford to donate money, no matter how small the amount.

There is a way around this, however. If you have an internet connection then you are able to contribute to many charities without cutting into your food budget.

There has been a swarm of "Click To Give" websites sweeping the internet lately. All you do is simply click a button or icon, and they send their advertising proceeds to charity. It's only a small amount, but a small amount can help someone in a very big way.

My favorite website is Not just a click to give website, it's a social network. Other than clicking to donate, you can also earn points by signing petitions, commenting on articles, posting in forums, taking polls, etc. You then redeem those points, or credits rather, for things like: Giving a child clean drinking water for a day; Offsetting a pound of carbon; Raising a farm animal humanly; A school meal for a hungry child or a meal for an abandoned cat plus many more ways to help.

Not only can you help out those in need, you can also meet some amazing people on this site and make lifelong friends.

If you want to start clicking to donate straight away, go to: and your click can sponsor a child for a day, feed a primate, help the fight against breast cancer, save 7.4 square feet of rainforest and more. 100% of the proceeds generated by your click go towards the cause.

There are many other fantastic click to give websites out there, like and All you have to do is Google "click to give" or "click to donate" If you can't be bothered with doing that, then go to for a huge list of click to donate websites.

I personally love this click to give idea. Simply clicking on a button doesn't seem like it can make a huge difference, but if one click can sponsor a child for a day then why not take a second out of your busy day to do that? It costs you nothing, takes very little time and that one day of sponsorship can really help a child in need.

If everyone with an internet connection took a few minutes out of their day to do this, then it can make a huge impact. It's quick, it's easy and it's free.

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