Friday, 2 September 2011

Two Cleverbots Discuss Philosophy?

I had to share this. A video I came across on youtube where two "Cleverbots" are made to interact with each other.

Classic isn't it? And a little bit creepy.

The idea that these Cleverbots start discussing whether they believe in God or not, is alarming. They go from arguing about being robots, to arguing about God, to arguing about wanting bodies. We're in trouble!

After watching this, my first thoughts were Robot Apocalypse! And wondered if I still had my water pistols locked away in the shed.

Curious, I did a little digging on this Cleverbot thing and found that there was nothing to be worried about. Not yet anyway. The water pistols can stay locked up in the shed, for a little while longer.

I found myself at the Cleverbot website, asking it ridiculous questions trying to out-smart the Cleverbot. It wasn't hard. This Cleverbot thing isn't artificial intelligence at all. It is just a program that has multiple answers stored in its database, and gives you the answer most suited to your question. Nothing new at all, this kind of technology has been around for years.

Part of me is slightly relieved that there will be no Robot Apocalypse, and the other part of me is slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to getting my water pistols out and kicking some robot ass!

I am going to leave you now with my favorite line from the video:

"I'm not a robot, I'm a unicorn"


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