Monday, 29 August 2011

I'm Dating Again...

Watch out fellas... *Evil laugh*

I have decided to get back into the dating scene again. I have just gone through a period of a few months where I didn't want to date anyone. I was enjoying being single, and I am still enjoying it. I just feel that since I am enjoying singledom, it is a good time to date. Here is why:

At this point in my life, I feel like I can afford to be picky. I love being single, and you would have to be pretty dam awesome to change that. In the past I have felt lonely, and longed for that special someone. Being in that mind-state has only lead me to heartache. My self worth was low, and because of this, I fell for any guy that fell for me. Whether he was right for me or not. At least now I will be choosy and pick the person who is the right match for me.

Many times even fell for the guy that didn't fall for me, he only seemed to because I was trying to decipher signals that weren't even there, and ended up heartbroken. Sometimes I settled for the guy who fell head-over-heels for me, when I didn't feel the same in return, and in the end, ended up breaking his heart. I honestly don't know which situation is worse.

Although my life is not particularly ideal right now, I have that certain little edge that I have never had before: Self-worth. After all these years, I am finally getting to know myself and I really like what I see.

Most people start to get to know themselves in their teens, well that didn't happen for me until I was in my mid twenties. Before then, I was just a complete mess. I am still a bit of a mess, but I am working on it, and have made a lot of progress and am proud of who I have become.

This level of self-worth is my edge, my secret weapon. My goodness, I wish I had it in the past. Then again, every mistake you make is a lesson and each lesson you learn makes you who you are today.

So my point is, I am dating again. I know my self-worth and because of this, I wont be falling for the next guy that comes along. I feel that I can be choosy, and choose the one who is right for me. I am enjoying being single, I'm not longing for that special someone, I just feel that right now is a good time to start looking. This is the time when I am most likely going to choose the right person, if I meet him. If not well, I am happy to keep being who I am.

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