Monday, 10 October 2011

"He's Just Not That Into You" Well Maybe I'm Not That Into Him Either!

It's the catch phrase that took the world by storm since it's appearance on "Sex And The City" The book He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt is a best seller and has been featured on Oprah. Women all over the world swear by its advice. I have read it myself and found it very empowering. However, as soon as I start really liking someone, everything that I have learned from the book goes out the window.

I start making excuses for my he hasn't called or at least texted me. I ignore obvious signals that he is not interested, and instead look for any tiny hints that he might be still interested. I spend every hour of my day questioning whether he likes me or not, when the truth is, if he liked me and I mean really liked me, then I wouldn't be questioning whether he likes me or not. I would just know.

Men aren't the only ones who like the thrill of the chase. Women like it too, although some of them might not be willing to admit it to themselves. I can't tell you how many times I have turned down Mr Right who was practically throwing himself at me, simply because I was wrapped up in chasing Mr Wrong who showed very little signs of interest. I knew that Mr Right was Mr Right, and Mr Wrong was Mr Wrong but I couldn't help it. My ego already knew that Mr Right was already interested in me, and wanted to know if it could catch Mr Wrongs interest too.

So when Mr Wrong finally got bored with me and moved on, it wasn't my feelings that were hurt, it was my ego. As soon as I learned to let go of my ego, I also learned to let go of Mr Wrong.

One book that I strongly recommend reading is Be Honest--You're Not That Into Him Either: Raise Your Standards and Reach for the Love You Deserve

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